4 - 27 OCTOBER 2019



an exhibition of contemporary artworks in various media by the Plaits Group
Helen Dorsman, Kathryn Hill, Jann Makepeace, Sandra Tredwell & Liz Yates

The Plaits group has been exhibiting together for some years, sharing an interest in contemporary approaches to art practice, and using various methods and materials in their explorations. In presenting this exhibition Helen Dorsman, Kathryn Hill, Jann Makepeace, Sandra Tredwell and Liz Yates respond to the theme CHAIR, exploring issues as diverse as climate change, childhood, recycling and history in playful and thoughtful ways.

The chair is much more than just something to put our bottom on. It is a familiar cultural icon. Chairs are embedded in our archetypes, appearing in fairy tales, nursery rhythms and mythology. They can be a place to rest, to chat or read a book. Most of us have a favourite chair, a familiar friend in a lonely or stressful life. And we soon appreciate the comfort and support of a chair when we are exhausted or unwell.

A single empty chair implies loss of human occupation or a missing person. Many families continue to set a place at the table during festivals in memory of a lost loved one.Chairs transformed into thrones become symbols of power, while the chair at the head of the table affords the sitter occupying it, a degree of status.

Artists have used the chair for centuries to portray the unseen, to give another dimension to their work or to simply pay homage to the chair. Its simplicity and familiarity often renders the chair an overlooked object in a room, but the Plaits artists have turned their gaze towards the chair, and embarked on a project to explore the meaning, history and function of this everyday object.

Twenty Five

an exhibition of contemporary artworks in various media by members of the
Red House Group Inc

2019 is a year for the Red House Group to celebrate – this year marks the group’s 25th birthday, hence the title of this exhibition ‘Twenty Five’.

The Red House Group is a not-for-profit artist managed group, that that acts as a focus for art and cultural activities for all individuals and groups in the City of Marion council area and its surrounding region. The catalyst for the formation of the group was in the early 1990’s, when the City of Marion’s then Cultural Development Officer Don Chapman undertook the challenge of planning for the cultural needs of its residents.

Driven by local artist Barbara Binns, local artists looked for a permanent home, and found the old red brick bungalow adjacent to the council’s admin building on Sturt Road suited their needs.With support from the council, the old building was transformed into a gallery and craft shop, and named ‘The Red House’. The group of artists that helped initiate the project was formally incorporated in 1994, as ‘The Red House Group Inc’.

The 35 Foundation Members are those artists that signed up in August 1994, and some of those are still active members, twenty five years later. Since then, over 1,650 people have joined the Red House Group, and the group continues to go from strength to strength.

In 2001, when the Marion Cultural Centre was built, Marion Council offered the Red House Group the opportunity to manage Gallery M on their behalf. The group continues to build on this unique relationship, with over 360 exhibitions being held in Gallery M since that time.

New members are always welcome.